Friday, July 23, 2010


More watercolor studies.  Practice, practice, practice. 

It's really Heather vs. Watercolor as I try to make this stuff behave. 

I need to find out what else tween/teens do besides listen to ipods. Mine are weird - always drawing, writing, working on the computer drawing and writing. My youngest is a craft hurricane. (I have no idea where they get that from...hmm, hmmm.)

And monkeys making banana splits for breakfast.  This one will be fun as a block print. 

So two more studies that will make their way into the world as prints, hopefully soon. I'd like to spend the weekend carving.

Do you go crazy working on new pieces for your portfolio before a conference?  Is it just me?  Do I have some weird manic procrastination disease?  You know, you wait until the last minute and then think, omg - I need new work for my portfolio right now.  Just me?  Okay, I will accept that.  I find procrastination incredibly inspiring.  : )


  1. Nothing weird about what yours do. Other activities:

    gossiping (online, via phone, in person)
    doing schoolwork in a last-minute panic
    inhaling huge amounts of food (if male)
    Panicking about their weight (if female)
    swimming, hiking, biking, driving, skating
    collapsing under an air conditioner
    flipping burgers at the after-school job
    playing World of Warcraft or using social networking sites till Mom unplugs the computer
    flirting, fighting, showing off
    obsessively pursuing a single interest until it's mastered
    frittering away their time in front of the TV eating junk food
    washing cars for a cause

    Just like when we were that age, in fact.

  2. I have the exact same pre-conference panic. There always seem to be a crazy rush of inspiration/insecurity right before a big conference that requires me to do a bunch of new pieces.
    I am loving these watercolor studies. I hope to be doing the same thing with my work when I finally get back to it. I definitely think you should consider it for an additional portfolio style. You have a great eye for color. ;)

  3. I think the water color looks great and tho you think it's tough to handle - it's all about watercolor not behaving that makes it magic. You use it in a way that is cohesive with the wood block prints!
    I am fighting the urge to do just this as I type - I've always done it. I'm so bothered by last minute doubts and feeling not good enough to sit amongst all of those books in that tent. But telling myself to let it ride... let it go..... go with the flow.... and go on vacation in LA. The portfolio show is just a little while. If you see me kicking myself - stick that fruity drink in my hand