Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SCBWI Golden Kite Exhibit

I'm really looking forward to attending the exhibit and talks this weekend.  If you are in Texas and within driving distance of Abilene, you should make plans to attend.  It's free, filled with illustrators and inspiration -why the heck wouldn't you drive out for it?  Here are the details for Saturday's event:

Exhibit events and talks welcoming SCBWI members. The events are open to the public, no charge or registration required.

10:00 am
Richard Jesse Watson will speak/demonstrate @ 45 mins

11:00 am
Kristen Balouch will speak/demonstrate @ 45 mins

Lunch 12:00-2:00
We invite the visiting SCBWI membership to join us for a casual lunch at the Cypress Street Station

2:00 pm
Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser will discuss some of the history, stories, and anecdotes of the Golden Kite Award.

Afterwards they will be joined by Richard Jesse Watson, Kristen Balouch, Diane Stanley, and Larry Day for Q&A

Dinner 7:00 pm
We invite the visiting SCBWI membership to join us for dinner at Perini Ranch (about 30 minutes out of town)

The NCCIL website

The Golden Kite, Golden Dreams on Facebook

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