Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Holiday Card Collection

I've been enjoying the portfolio building challenge called Folio Focus from Rise & Design. It's a great weekly brief to help expand our surface design portfolios. This week was Sweet Greeting and focused on greeting cards. I went with painting white on black backgrounds.

This is a 10 week challenge and we are on week 2 - can't wait to see what's next. I'm loving the challenge and inspiration.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Woodland Mum Collection

I've been working hard on a new collection that to submit to Uppercase Magazine's + Windham Fabrics New Designer Competition. I would love to include fabric designer to resume! With each collection I create I know I'm one step closer. 

I wanted to have a collection that would look awesome in a wide variety of sewing projects so I worked on adding lots of range for scale, including geometric and smaller prints. And color is everything isn't it? So lots of pop there with value and a fun autumn inspired palette.  

You can see the original inspiration for this pattern below started out as one of my beads in polymer clay. I had fun translating the design into paint. I'd love this design on a thank you card too, think I'll have to make that happen! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Autumn Inspirations for Surface Design

I've been working on adding new work to my portfolio this week from work I painted earlier this summer. Feeling inspired by all things autumn. Trying to decide if I should work up some patterns or leave these as random icons. Kinda digging the field guide vibe of them. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Christmas Designs

I've been having fun working on new surface design pieces. Country Christmas features rustic holiday decor and homemade cookies, bakers twine, evergreens, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Oh how I love an unplugged holiday! 

I worked up my cabin inspired ornaments into a portfolio ready piece. These were done for the Make Art that Sells Bootcamp. I'd love to have these on my tree. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Global Talent Search Entry

A few weeks ago I won a spot in Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search. I've been sketching and planning ever since and here is my entry. I was able to create 5 patterns from my paintings, so that's definitely the start of a new collection. 

I've wanted to do something with moths all summer, I couldn't wait to jump in and use them for my submission. I dug in deep to my roots of nature inspired themes and went to straight to the source for a tea-themed creation - camellia sinsesis, the plant were tea leaves come from! They have a lovely flower that I abstracted and dismantled for my elements. 

I finished the entry on my birthday, so maybe my wish will come true and I'll place in the top 50 and be able to go on to the next assignment. Oh, maybe I should go out and wish on a few 100 falling stars since the Perseids meteor shower is also happening. 

Good luck to everyone that entered. Entering is a win all on it's own, it's not easy putting your work out there for a competition. No matter what, we can all celebrate knowing we created new, exciting and portfolio-worthy work to send out into the world. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make Art that Sells Bootcamp Review

I finally finished all my Make Art That Sells Bootcamp assignments. A few weeks into the Bootcamp we had an unexpected opportunity to buy a house and move, along with lots of traveling and teaching in April and May. So not every assignment was submitted to the gallery, but I feel pretty accomplished having new pieces for my portfolio and loved the 5 months of inspiration from my favorite artsy fairy godmother, Lilla Rogers. 

I was watching Lilla's Periscope this afternoon, as I do every Tuesday while I'm working away in the studio, and won an entry into the Global Talent Search! Of course, I am already signed up so I will happily take the refund and put it toward my future art class fund, which I'm hoping is the Children's Book Class. I really did need the encouragement to enter though, now there is no way I will not submit an entry while I may very well have talked myself out of it if I hadn't just won a spot! Oh self-doubt - why do you always want to arm wrestle?

Any way, back to my Bootcamp review. I can't recommend it enough for 5 months of portfolio building and market insights. I'm going to go backward through the assignments. The first one here was for July and was an assigned flower based on our locale and to create a journal cover.

June's assignment was a children's book character study and Vicuna's were our subject matter. This inspired some pretty stinking cute beads!

You just never know what will be inspired by MATS bootcamp!

May's assignment, is actually the last piece I finished. I decided I couldn't leave one undone and really dug deep to finish this project. Wall art inspired by tarot card imagery was our assignment with our subject matter based on our birthday. So Leo and Strength were easy enough to wrap my mind around. I love the idea of quite strength and depicted my maiden in a plus-size body because strength comes in all shapes and sizes.

April was so much fun! Christmas ornaments with a lumberjack theme. I'm not much of a lumberjack kinda girl so I went with woodland and plaid inspirations - things a lumberjack would see! Ha, sometimes you have to let the assignment inspire you in ways that are outside the box. I did these in June, after my move and life was settling back to normal! But I could paint Christmas themes any day of the year. Next, I need to clean these up in Photoshop and get them laid out properly.

And our first assignment, way back in March was a coloring book cover inspired by 1920's flappers. Of course I had to tie it into beads! I'd love to make this project a reality. I should really add this to my my to-do list and send in a submission to my publisher. 

Along with the assignments, there is an awesome Facebook group for participants that is always filled with the most encouraging and helpful artists. And seeing how differently everyone approaches each project is an education in itself!

So that's the last 5 months and my bootcamp round up. Stop by Make Art That Sells to get the scoop on their current classes. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Snowflake Pattern Design

Another holiday collection completed! I wanted to play around with snowflakes and more geometric designs.

And thanks to the magic of the Photoshop, I really dig them in a non-traditional hue like these violets. 
Wouldn't these make adorable pajama bottoms? I think I need to whip up a polar bear to match this collection. Yep, that's what I need to do next!