Friday, August 15, 2014

Make It In Design Summer School

A few weeks ago I started the online course offered by Make It In Design called Summer School. It's a trend and inspiration brief sent out every two weeks, there are three different tracks and since I'm a very green beginner in the world of surface design I'm taking the beginner track. Our first week was Tropical Paradise.  I was digging pineapples and zeroed in on them. I worked in mixed media using pencil, watercolor pencils and gouache. 

My goal in making the art for this course is creating designs that I would want to wear, have in my home or give as a gift.  I'm not a whiz at mocking things up so I have these in my Society 6 shop and borrowed the photos from there! 

The fun part of the brief is that it's all trendy items and that has inspired me in my day job - making beads and jewelry.  So here is a pineapple bracelet that I made for myself! I had never really thought of myself as a pattern designer, but I realized I make patterns all the time - they are just in clay rather than on paper.  So working in clay first for each assignment has been a fun a way to find inspiration. 

Tiny pineapple charms.

The second brief was on tribal patterns and I wanted to work with color and texture for this design. The feather pattern was inspired by African prints. I wanted to create more of a collection that would work together so I worked up three patterns in the same color palette and graphic line quality. These were created with Copic markers and oil pastels. 

Here are the three designs and products from my Society 6 shop.  You can also get prints of each of these designs there too. I really think I need to order that big on the top for myself!

And to start this assignment I started with the clay and made beads. This design actually inspired the drawings in both color and pattern. I've wanted to create beads that had that a tribal vibe for a while because it's super trendy in the jewelry world right now, so bonus result of the class!

You can see the galleries and read more about the Make It In Design programs on their website here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday Card Contest Entry

This is a birthday card design for a competition that Tigerprint is hosting.  The assignment was birthday cards for pre-teen girls featuring kid characters.  I went all old-school and pulled out the salt to make stars in my paints. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

May MATS Bootcamp

This month for Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells Bootcamp we were challenged with an editorial assignment with a yoga theme.  We were given an article to illustrate along with all of Lilla's awesome tips for working on the assignment.  The focus of the article were tips for those who find yoga a struggle.  I am going to sketch out a few more yoga, mindfulness, mediation pieces for teens.  This hits home for me as I love mindfulness to work through stress!    

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp

This month we are starting the MATS Bootcamp with vintage dolls & faces as our first assignment. I love nesting dolls and thought a Little Red Riding Hood would be a fun take.

And then I moved on to Alice & Friends. 

And revisited them as tiny dolls. 

Which led to a page or so of flower sketches inspired by the talking flowers from Wonderland. These are my favorites. 

Which ended up back with nesting dolls. 

These are all just for fun and to warm up for our big assignment for the month. 
Stay tuned! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Black and White Portfolio Pieces

Don't you just love items checked off a to-do list?  One long overdue item on my list was a black & white gallery on my portfolio.

In fact, I was a little crazed last night and updated my entire portfolio.  I'm feeling like it's coming together now with the watercolor samples adding up. I have a Products and Projects gallery showing my work in action thanks to the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp.. And I made a new banner for the website and blog - peek up there. It's a rare day - I'm pretty happy with my portfolio at the moment. It's a nice mix of new work and favorites, all whittled down to my strongest pieces.

Now to get my promo postcards finally in the mail...

Friday, April 18, 2014

50 Shades of Taupe Assignment

Last month in Lilla Roger's Make Art that Sells Bootcamp we were given an additional assignment to work on during the break for April.  We were challenged to play with neutral colors and the first part of the assignment was to paint 50 shades of Taupe. I pulled out my Holbein gouache paints and yummy Arches watercolor paper and went to town mixing up these delicately hued colors.
Lilla encouraged us to make an affirmation using our new found color palette.  I've been smitten with this quote I recently discovered from Van Gogh and decided this was the message that most spoke to me.
I enjoyed painting the quote so much that I did one in another color palette that was shared with us. I love the color palettes from bootcamp because they really push me out of my comfort zone. Now to hang these in my studio!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Printables

Over on the Sketchables this week we are sharing Easter Printables.
First I created a memory card game with an Easter Egg Hunt theme.  I miss hunting for Easter Eggs - my teenagers are long passed that tradition and we don't have many small ones in our family - everyone is growing up. I still dye eggs, sometimes the teens join me.  Teens are funny, they don't want to be treated like kids but there is something comforting about holding on to those childhood traditions.  

And since I had all these fun icons from the card game I decided to design some cute little cupcake toppers too. Hmm, vanilla bean cupcakes.  My only regret - no jelly beans to include in this photo.

Download the printable Egg Hunt Memory Game here and the cupcake toppers here.