Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scary Stuff!

Oh, how I wear my favorite medium like a security blanket. I just have such a hard time feeling like my work is done if it's not turned into a block print. I've been playing with watercolors all summer, and I mean playing - totally for fun and many of these little doodles don't live to the see the sunrise. So I pulled out the good stuff today and worked up a few samples from a dummy book that I'm working on. (Yeah for beads, right!)

These are tiny studies at 3" x 4 1/2". I feel like a have about 100 more paintings to go before I could market a watercolor style. But the good side is that I have two lovely little color study for new prints that I will start carving tomorrow.

Experimenting - it's scary stuff!


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  2. Keep going! These are fun, sweet and full of personality, Heather!
    i want to see the whole story now!
    Love the little flower on her head. Excited about the bead theme, too - such a natural for you, and the colors and patterns are so YOU! These are fabulous!! (applause) Yay!

  3. These are beautiful, Heather! I think your experimenting has been a great success. The way you've applied the paint is rich and clean. I can't wait to see your carved versions too! Keep up these studies for sure!

  4. These are charming! I like the cross-hatching on the wings over the glowing aqua, and I totally relate to the bird's emotion in that 2nd illo, at least till I get my new art done. Can't wait to see more experimentation.