Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nature and Painting

We enjoyed a lovely walk in the woods on a nature trail today. We listened as the breeze rustled through the leaves above our head. The soft mulch of the trail cushioned our feet as explored the well worn path. Queen Anne's Lace littered the edge of the forest with other tiny purple flowers.  We spotted a monarch butterfly fluttering near the little white puffs.  It was quiet like we haven't experienced in a long time. 

My daughters and I spotted a doe with two fawn, they were unafraid as they stopped and watched us for several minutes through the trees.  We were two mothers with our children wondering in awe of each other.

I've recently downloaded a few watercolor/journaling books to my Kindle and just had to take my little sketchbook and watercolor set outside today. I've been so busy lately, I was thankful for a day to slow down and soak in the beauty around me.

My favorite so far:

A Life In Hand by Hannah Hinchman - this is only available as a digital download as it's out of print.  It's a beautiful written book, simple and poetic.  Encouraging and succinct.  I keep going back to it again and again.  The charming black and white line drawings leave room for you to focus on the words and assignments in the book.  It's very inspiring and I highly recommend it.  I may try to find it in print I've enjoyed it so much.
Hinchman on starting an art journal:
"Just begin. Any day, any moment.  There need be no occasion, no noteworthy event.  Think of your beginning as the point where a tossed pebble hits the surface of a pond.  Changes and discoveries will widen out endlessly from just such a small point."

I love that quote and can't help be think how it could apply to anything in life that we have been putting off starting.

Two other books I've been enjoying:
Water Paper Paint - by far my favorite watercolor book to date! 

What are you reading this summer? 

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