Monday, July 23, 2012

Forest Friends

Inspired by yesterday's nature walk.  Hello.

The heat is a welcomed change to the air conditioned world I have been existing in for the last few weeks.  I'm spoiled by Michigan's cool nights and sleep with the window open, but during the day the humidity wins out.  There is a dryness here that is strange compared to the lush spring that graced the land. 

Michigan has a simple beauty in the forests and along the lake shore.  It makes you slow down and stop to see what's really there.  There are breath-taking areas, but it's the small things that catch my eye the most.  The paper-thin periwinkle petals of the chicory, the playful bounce of Queen Anne's lace as the wind rustles across the field, the fiery day lilies that pop up everywhere - both wild and cultivated, the stark and graphic patterns of the birch trees - I could spend days and days drawing and studying those four elements. 

I feel like my quality of life greatly increases when I stop to take notice of the world through sketching and my camera.  I read this other day and it rang like a bell though my life:

"Many begin (keeping a journal) when they feel their lives accelerating and slipping away; they have a vague sadness that so much seems lost.  They sense that they aren't deeply affected by things, and don't remember enough.  The want a deeper connection to the world." - Hannah Hinchman (A life in Hand)

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