Friday, March 4, 2011

Do What YOU Do Best

This week I was looking around at illustrators' blogs and websites and had that old sinking feeling again.  You know - those jealous inklings, feelings of inadequacy.  You hear Wayne & Garth in the back of your head chanting, "We're not worthy."  

I was feeling a little old. My 30's are fast coming to an end and I was feeling decidedly unhip.  But guess what - that is not a productive mode, so I knew I had to snap out of it. 

I have never been one to follow the crowd, not as a kid and not as an adult.  So why would I concern myself about not feeling like I'm following some super cool illustration trend? 

Why would I want to be one in a sea of the same - hip or not? 
So I asked myself a simple question - what do I do best and am I doing it?

What I do best is inspire folks to be creative - big and little folks.

I've had 14 years of solid practice of inspiring kids to live creatively.  My artist daughters are the proof of that.  That top photo is my youngest daughter who decided last week she wanted to try painting with her toes.  You have to love the irreverent and kooky preteen years!
So what do I do best?
Live Green
Make Stuff
Breath Beads

My work will never be hip, it will be sweet and sensitive.  Honest and creative.  That's me.

A promise to myself:

I will not waste time any longer thinking of what I can't do or compare myself to others.

I will work everyday to inspire, help families life creatively and bring my crafty goodness to as many kids as possible!

So what do you do best?  Blog about it and share your story with me.

P.S.  Hip work can be sweet and sensitive, honest & creative - but it wouldn't be if I were doing it because it wouldn't come from a place of authenticity for me.


  1. I can soooo relate, especially this week! Blogs are great to see what everyone is up to, but they can really take the wind out of your sails too. There are just so many brilliant illustrators out there! Thanks for your post, I think I will blog about this soon too as it has been eating me up a bit ;-)))

  2. Oh, what a wonderful post, Heather! Truer words were never spoken, and it's a timely reminder to look to yourself for where to go next. I think setting up a mission statement of sorts is a good idea. :)

  3. Such an essential question to ask ourselves! But easy to lose sight of in the day-to-day. Love this thoughtful post, Heather; and I know what I'll be mulling over today...

  4. Your post really gives me hope. As an illustrator and arts teacher I see a lot of students struggle with finding their own style and being happy with it. Somehow we humans like to compare (including me, I'm very guilty on this part) and that is never helpfull! So thank you so much for posting this, I know what I will be thinking about the next few days...

  5. I'm glad I'm not alone in that struggle. Thank you for sharing with me.

    Sheena - I look forward to reading your thoughts about this too.

    Diandra - yes a mission statement to keep me on track is a great idea.

    Amy - I'm looking forward to working with you and we both find out way.

    Kim - that's so true for both students and professionals. It's hard to let it go!

  6. so wise and so true...just what I needed to hear!!

  7. Great post, Heather! Good on you for making that promise. The you I'm acquainted with certainly shines through in your work.