Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Spring

Is the sun peeking out today?  Have the birds returned and little leaf buds are starting to pop out on the trees?  My yard was covered in dandelions last week - I know I should be disgusted as a home owner, but the kid me was rather giddy about pucking one up and making a few wishes of my own!

Even though I'm a mom of teenagers now, I still declare unplugged days where no computers or Ipods are allowed.  No matter what age your kids are, get them outside enjoying nature and help them find ways to have fun without gadgets.

Here are 5 simple activities to welcome spring.

1. Make wishes blowing dandelions. I know they are weeds - but they hold all sorts of charm for kids.  Find a wild field to explore or a park where you can get a hold of some of these fluff balls.

2. Make bubble magic with giant bubble wands.

3. Create a sidewalk chalk mural.  You can pick up a box of sidewalk chalk for just a few dollars.  Come up with a theme and draw a giant picture with your kids.  A circus, zoo or underwater scenes would be fun.

4. Jump rope - here are a list of silly rhymes for jump rope play.

5. Make paper airplanes and see which designs fly the farthest. This would be a fun way to use some of the junk mail before it flies into the recycling bin!

Click on the links for more inspiration.


  1. I've already started jumping rope. Okay the whole house shakes when I do it, but it's fun just the same he he he he! What a burst of spring and this makes my heart sing! The photo and the illustration just compliments each others. Great work.

  2. Spring is here! I know how to make paper airplanes, I make sure the a bit of wind is blowing before I chuck it. I will definitely try doing paper airplanes.

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