Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking Chances

I ordered postcards from Vista Print last week and unfortunately they printed a little too dark.  And after holding them in my hands I realized the smaller postcards just didn't have a big enough impact with this quieter image.  Good to know for future campaigns.

So I went back to the drawing board (photoshop) and created the design for the front in the larger postcard size.  And then I was just playing around with the back and the large owl in the middle of the postcard struck me as a little brave.  And I liked that.  It's kind of nice not playing it safe.  I took a chance, we'll see if I get any response.

I need to get better at sending out postcards, my last one was in November.  The goal is to send one out every 3 months, so I'll aim for that again!  Now to work on polishing up the ol' mailing list.  And await another delivery - until then I will keep telling myself...

Fortune Favors the Brave


  1. The owl on the back looks awesome- I think it's very brave to crop in- having the character not fit inside the page- brave to me!

  2. Wonderful, Heather. I like the off-centered owl very much.

    Good point about the quiet image and card size. I'll keep that in mind when I design my summer mailer. :)

  3. Owl on the back is great. I also like the front fox image very much. I remember first seeing your work in the early days of Illustration Friday. Nice to run into you again here and on Twitter!
    best, Annie B

  4. LOVE IT! the owl on the back is so cool. i like how he bleeds off the card!