Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sophie's Garden

My very first job as an illustrator, years ago now, was a project for the San Antonio Water Systems for their H2O Heroes series.  They did 7 books in the series and I illustrated one of them. Sophie's Garden - a story about a little girl who learns how to plant a water saving garden. 

Well today at our SCBWI critiquenic my friend Bill, who did 2 of the books in the series, had a copy of each.  I thought the books were never going to be published and was thrilled to see them in person! 

I can't even remember what year it was, but we are talking the dark ages of my Humblearts career here.  But I thought I'd show the book cover, because a book is a book - isn't it?  And they are aways exciting.  These are paperback and given out in the school system here in San Antonio.  I would love to do more work on green themes, maybe I will create some new samples on the subject later this summer.
A few of the images are in of my black & white portfolio.

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