Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twitter Links for Authors and Illustrators

Below are a few little sketches for a twitter icon for my blog.  You know, since it's all shiny and new I want to give it a little extra spiffin' up.  I think I'll carve up all three and see which one I like the best and then offer them for the general public to use if they wish. 

I LOVE the children's book twitter world.  There is inspiration and information to be had on a daily basis.

*Remember to mind your manners on twitter, it's public and you never know who might read your tweet. 

*Don't be a pest and direct message agents or editors, I think that's right up there with passing the manuscript under the bathroom stall at a conference. (Also a no-no in case you were thinking, yeah that's a great idea.)

*Your tweets should be entertaining, informative or inspiring.  (No lunch or laundry tales unless it fall under one of the three categories just mentioned.)

Here are some good links if you want to get started.

 See you around the water cooler.

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