Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breaking Into Illustration Book Review

Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: A Guide for Artists, Designers and Illustrators by Holly DeWolf

I ordered this book after listening to a podcast with Holly DeWolf on Escape From Illustration Island

It's been my constant companion over the last week.  It's filled with great advice for both new illustrators and those who have been around for a while.  Just some of the topics covered in the book: how to create from home, balancing family and your career, promotion, client relations, money, inspiration and how to overcome common hurdles that illustrators face.  I love that she includes work-at-home illustrating moms in her interviews and I can relate to that.  I also love the advice on not comparing yourself to other illustrators.

Basically, this book is good for the soul if you've been trying to break into illustration.  You'll find practical solutions and good tips.  I highly recommend adding this one to your library.

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