Monday, April 24, 2017

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp: Magazine Assignment

This is my entry for this month's bootcamp assignment. We are to create an illustration suitable for a magazine based on 5 brave things we've done. I distilled that down to the brave things it takes to run a successful creative business.

I had so much fun making this image an combining my love of beads and nature in this illustration.

I tucked little symbols through the crown on my head: the boat for my sailing my own ship and for the Bead Cruise facet of my business. The moth to symbolize that most of my success is due to always transforming into something new and a nod to my late night creative pursuits. The nest for nurturing my hopes and dreams and my balance of motherhood and business. The fruit at the top is of course, the fruit of my labor and how it provides for our family.

Hmm, I need to make that necklace happen in real life!

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