Monday, March 6, 2017

Folio Focus: Geometric Patterns

This week I'm back to working on the Folio Focus Portfolio Challenge. They post a fun design assignment each week with tons of inspiration. This week was Geometric Patterns.

Not the easiest for me, but I jumped with sketches of plants and fruits inspired by a recent visit to Belize. We went to the Mayan ruin of Al-tun Ha. It was my second time there and this time I have to say I saw quite smitten by the little stalls of fresh fruits near the trinket shops.

They were full of color and pattern and even the hand-lettered signs were inspiring. So that's were I ended up with my patterns this week, dissecting those fruits, pods, leaves and seeds. I mixed in some patterns from the island fabrics.

I wish I had taken more photos while I traveling but most of the best images are in my memory and slowly making their way into my sketchbook.

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