Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Children's Decorative Plates and Dinnerware

Just wanted to share my two finished boards from the MATS home decor assignment.  I decided to make two boards since there were two styles that emerged from my explorations. We started out looking at antique Staffordshire pottery and that lead me pearlware dishes for children that had the most delightful floral motifs and lettering.

I may revisit these and offer them as wall art later on, I could totally see these in a kids room. That cheetah though, he needs a story! I'm going to use him a series of illustrations with my cat that I shared yesterday. Should be fun. Our next assignment is children's books. so he will cross over.

And that's the bonus from taking Make Art That Sells - you start off with the inspiration from the assignment but that leads to many more ideas and avenues to explore.

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