Sunday, February 28, 2016

Make Art that Sells Week 5

This was the final week of Make Art that Sells Home Decor. This week was all about designing for wood. I created a few pieces incorporating textures that we created earlier in the week.

I revisited the spoon idea for wood, which would be super awesome for tossing up a fresh salad, don't you think?

Some mixed media textures I created for this week. Learning to layer them in Photoshop was a challenge. Again, the class flies by so quickly all these just seem like jumping off points for many, many more ideas. Which is awesome! 

Part of our homework this week was to create a page with our favorite pieces from each week to create a rounded home decor collection. Ceramic, wood, metal, glass and fabric with my Monarch & Milkweed themes. I had to adjust the colors from my fabric week to fit in more with the collection. That was a challenge for me, keeping a consistent vision from week and week and learning to use the trend board more than going off on my own tangent. 

I ended up redoing and touching up the first three weeks to create a more cohesive collection and honestly by the time I got to week 4 it was easy to see what I needed to change and wasn't working from the earlier weeks thanks to the weekly reviews of each assignment. 

If you've ever thought about taking MATS or Lilla's bootcamp, just go for it. They are priceless and packed full of great insider information that will help you grow by leaps and bounds as an artist. Can't wait to see where my artwork is in a month from now! I'm going to jump into MATS A for the month of March. I'm addicted! 

And because it all springs from the same source, my designs have spilled over into my bead and jewelry business. I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

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