Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Blues - Sledding Illustration

Spent my weekend sketching and painting. It's a winter wonderland here in Michigan and that means I'm hibernating. I'm a fan of the snow but not the cold. So I like to look at it from the warmth of my cozy home or live vicariously through my art. 

A little nostalgia for these two kids running errands for the family. Can you imagine a time when kids went to the local grocery for their mom, all by themselves? I grew up in a tiny town and we often went to the corner store to get a treat. Penny candy was the bomb - our poor teeth! We'd find a quarter and thought we were rich. 

I can remember my elementary teacher telling us about inflation when I was in third grade and a candy bar was a quarter. She asked if we would buy a candy bar if it was 50 cents and we all balked, a dollar - no way. But hey, inflation. Okay, that's enough of traveling down memory lane today. It's making me feel old!

This gouache painting is quite the multi-tasker, I'm entering it for two Instragram challenges this week - #12monthsofpaint - their theme this month is blue and Katie Creatie's #wedrawtheyear. Her theme is sledding for this week. My goal for this month is to add more kids and families to my portfolio, so yeah goals! 

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