Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word of the Year: Connect

It's only been 6 months and a few days since my last blog post.  2012 was not the year of illustrating.  It was the year I worked on healing from a serious injury, on taking care of my family, a year of big changes and most importantly it was the year of beads.  It's not easy running an empire in a different creative field.  The only thing to do is move bravely forward into 2013!

2012 found me finally returning to my hometown, a sleepy little tourist spot two hours from Chicago along the shores of Lake Michigan. The town closes at 5pm and reminds me of an episode of the Gilmore Girls..

The end of 2012 delivered a 1910 farmhouse in the middle of the country to me. We see more trees and fields than houses, more bunnies and deer than neighbors. Which is so different from anything I've ever done before, I've lived in a city for my entire adult life.   I'm 10 minutes away from most of my family.

It's a good place to be in, physically, emotionally and creatively. I'm deep, down in my bones kind of happy and content. 

As most of us do, I've been reflecting on the past year and what I want to do with my next 364 days.  Instead of resolutions I've come into the habit of picking a word as my theme for the year.  For 2013 my word is connect.  We are so connected to the world via the internet, but I have found myself quite disconnected over the last year.  Sure I see the status updates, tweets and blog posts, but I'm not particpating or connecting on a deeper level, which is important to me.  2012 was the year I survived and in survival mode, there was a lot of disconnect.

How will I connect in 2013?
  1. I am making an effort to reconnect with my creative community both on and offline.  That's means SCBWI conferences and getting together with illustrators. 
  2. I will work on making the connection with publishers as I send out work on a regular basis this year.  
  3. I will connect to my passions of crafting, living simply and helping kids be creative. 
  4. I will connect to my inner artist, giving myself the time and space I need to work.
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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