Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Humble Holidays

I had to take a break to finish my jewelry book along with making more time for my family.  I know as working moms we wish we could do it all, but sometimes things have to put aside while we take care of people.  People first, things second. 

Tomorrow I will share a set of free gift tags for folks to download on the Sketchables.  In fact, there will be a whole week of free gift tags from our group!  Can't wait to see them.

I thought I'd share some gift ideas with you from my Etsy shop.  I have this whole earthy, woodland vibe going on this year:

I have a few hand-pulled prints, these are originals that are hand-colored, signed and dated.

An etched copper ornament made with a print I designed.  This is my last one.

I have a series of beads that are created much like my prints, using little molds based on drawings that I made.  This is an evergreen design with beads on a gunmetal brass chain.

Ah, who doesn't like cute?  This is a sweet little stocking stuffer or would make a good gift for those hard to please teens.  I know a few on my list are getting these.

We all love books, right?  I created a series of Book Club Pendants using tiny handmade ceramic beads from another artist.  They are paired with charms and other beads.  This one is Wind in the Willows. 

And finally earrings - we all love them and work so nicely as gifts because one size fits all!   I have these modern candy cane designs paired with sterling silver wire.

Okay, now the skinny - use discount code Humblearts for 20% off your purchase.  I also have free gift wrapping and free 1st class shipping.  Sale will end Saturday, December 11th. 


  1. Wow, your pendants are awesome! I love the detail and markings from the process. The beads pair quite nicely with your ceramics, too!

  2. hello.. I love your mushroom necklace. it's really nice..^^