Monday, September 27, 2010

Creating Without an Undo Button

I've been finding my way with the watercolors, looking to add another technique to my portfolio.  Watercolor is such a challenge and I find that even with printmaking I had an 'undo' that I miss when doing watercolor. 

You see, I never print just one print - I'll print 3-5 at a time and play with the colors like a coloring book.  With a block print, I create a proof - if something isn't right I can carve a little out or use tiny 'rubber stamps' to fill in things that may have been carved away or to add texture or another object.  With watercolor there is a point of no return and it can be hard to see a painting ruined by my over zealousness!

Here was my first attempt with this painting.  Can we say dingy?  Oh, I can almost hear my paint brush saying, 'Stop - you are overdoing it.  There goes the freshness.  Yep - Houston we have mud."  But it's okay, the first ones I like to call a color study and then I see where I needed to lighten up and relax.  It's a fun learning process and I do have to admit I love the immediate results of watercolor.  Just some days I do envy those who have that undo button a click away.


  1. The bottom one feels urban autumnal, not muddy! But the top one does seem much brighter, crisper. I have crossed the line many times between easy glazing layers into muddiness. I'm not much of a planner, so when I want to work fast, I "correct" my watercolor mishaps in photoshop (my undo). Or embrace them.

  2. Thanks Heather! I'm trying to do more 'green' themed projects.

    Amy - so whenever I make a muddy mess I can now say it's urban smog and not a mistake? Sweet!

  3. I really love the brighter, bolder colors of the top one. But then again, my own palette tends to be over the top. :) I think you are doing a wonderful job with the watercolor experiments Heather

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