Friday, April 23, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Here are a few tools in my studio that I can't live without:

My new favorite tools!  I bought these a few years ago, but never really tried them out until recently.  I was using my trusty speedball lino cutters.  If you are into printing, I recommend picking up a set.  The fine tipped tool allows for great detail and the other tools help me carve my blocks lickety-split!  They are called Palm-Grip Carvers and they are saving my poor old hands.

My box of Sennelier pastels isn't looking quite like this picture anymore.  They are now well loved nubbins!  I need to order some replacements, stat.  They are so rich and creamy, they are like the chocolate truffles of oil pastels.  Yum!

While I have several different types of colored pencils, these are by far my favorites.  Lyra Rembrandt Oil-based Colored Pencils are wonderful, no waxy build-up and the colors are so beautiful. And on the sketch pencil front, I'm strictly a 2-B and above gal.  Sure the others are nice, but I need some heft to my lines.

This is Blick Wonder-Cut Linoleum and it's probably not the highest quality stuff to print on and if I were doing large print editions I'd have to rethink what I use.  But it carves so fast!  I like to call this stuff Wonderflonium.  (And if you don't know what that is, watch Dr. Horrible right this minute!)

And finally I couldn't do my job without my trusty Speedball Water-Based Inks.  I've been enjoying experimenting more with mixing my own colors and printing in multiple colors.  They dry fast, so I must work fast.  But they clean up with water and I'm all for using less chemicals in the studio.

So there you have it, my art making essentials! 

All photos from the Dick Blick website, where i buy most of my supplies.

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