Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Days

6 more weeks of winter?  Not likely here in San Antonio.  But I always enjoy reliving my childhood memories of Michigan winters in my art work.   Snow crunching beneath heavy boots.  Scarves and mittens hanging to dry once we were warm inside.  And my favorite winter day activity - sitting on top of the register with a blanket trapping in all the heat.  That one drove my mother crazy!  But it was so cozy warm.  Maybe I was just a weird kid. 

Favorite ways to stay warm:
Cuddle under blankets watching movies
A big mug of hot chocolate
Extra fluffy socks (I spend most of my days barefoot)
Dreaming of planting a garden (never happens)
Make a pot of veggie chili to share with friends
Bake Valentine sugar cookies
Read in bed


  1. we had the most beautiful snow this weekend in northern MI. it was super dry, like sugar and sparkled like diamonds in the sun. i had to get out and kick it around - so good!!

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