Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative Gift Ideas for Kids

I'm going through my holiday shopping list and thought I'd share some of my favorite gift ideas for kids. No batteries required!

1. Art supplies - it wouldn't be a holiday around here with out them. I usually include a how-to book for inspiration or a new sketchbook. Colored pencils, fancy sketching pencils, watercolors and oil pastels are favorites here.

2. Craft supplies - these are always put together as a kit. I don't like to give kits that have set projects, I like supplies that offer open-ended creativity. This year it's a sewing kit for my youngest. I'll include fabric, thread and notions. Other kit ideas include polymer clay & sculpting tools. Beads with an inexpensive tool set and stringing materials. Foam, pipe cleaners, craft sticks and other general supplies offer a world of imagination when packaged together.

3. Books, big surprise! But I like to include them with new pajamas or a little fleece throw, it's good to encourage cuddling. My sister gave blankets to all the kids last year - they were a huge hit! I stole her idea for my husband's side of the family this year.

4. Scarves - again with the cuddle factor. A scarf is like a little hug each day during the winter months. I like to use big knitting needles and 2-3 yarns for a nice fluffy scarf. I'm not a fast knitter. I whip one up in 2-3 evenings while watching TV.

5. Stuff animals - made by you! There are tons of free patterns online if you can sew. One year my girls designed the animals and we made them for their cousins. They were so cute and funky. Check out Whip Up for patterns.

6. Board & card games -  I love board games from my own childhood and rediscovering them with my children. My top pick this year is Yahtzee. Great for kids who are learning multiplication, but still fun for the whole family. We like Uno and Boggle too. Anything that brings the family together gets a thumbs up from me.

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